The conference organisers are delighted to have been able to attract the following six keynote speakers exploring a fascinating range of topics:

Kemal Hanjalić*

TU Delft, Netherlands

URANS, LES and Hybrid modelling of buoyancy-driven microclimate phenomena over realistic terrains and urban canopies

Shuisheng He

University of Sheffield, UK

Heat transfer issues in current and next generation nuclear reactors

Sean Hennigan


Heat exchanger design to operation: bridging the reality gap

Victoria Timchenko

UNSW, Australia

Irradiated gold nanoparticles for localised hyperthermia applications

Volker Pickert

Newcastle University, UK

Liquid metal – more than cooling?

Khellil Sefiane

University of Edinburgh, UK

Recent advances on the evaporation and motion of droplets

*with co-authors S. Kenjereš (TU Delft) and M. Hrebtov (Insitute for Thermal Physics, Novosibrisk, Russia)